Glossy Newsstand is planning the update in a few weeks, and we are looking for contributors, all the supporters and enthusiasts to work with us. To be more clear, we want creative people who are interested in magazines, ad campaigns and fashion in general and want to write about it. Please send us your ideas, what you can write about, it can be single issue review or compilation of magazines / ad campaigns by some option (eg: actual model, trend in mags, controversy, business). We may also include interesting general fashion week or whole fashion house, street style reviews, interesting interviews with insiders, etc. ( no beauty or makeup at the moment). Still, magazines and campaigns are our main focus. All the interested people who have a free time and wish for contributions, please write me at bekagvishiani@gmail.com what can you contribute and link/file of your previous contributions, or you may also write a little new piece for us. Since our main focus is on major magazines and human resources working for website is limited, we
have a trouble to accept unknown magazine covers and eds, while in future this is also planned. Thanks in advance to everyone.